Sottero and Midgley Bridal Wedding Dress Collection Spring 2018

For many years, the Sottero family has created wedding dresses that bring much imagination and creativity. Each dress has its personality and each dress has its own story, so the Maggie Sottero has always been working hard to improve and always trying to make the right dresses for the brides-to-be. Fabrics are actually their first […]

21 Amazing Drip Wedding Cake Ideas You Can’t Resist!

Unique and Beautiful Drip Wedding Cake pics You Can’t Resist!

If you search the popular wedding cake ideas on Instgram or Pinterest, drip wedding cakes is among one of the hottest trend you won’t miss. The unique design really stands your wedding out. The yummy craze comes in different colors and shapes, which make them suitable for any wedding themes, be it white or pink, […]

20 Stylish Fringe Wedding Dresses for Bohemian Brides

Fringe Wedding Dresses for Bohemian Brides

Wedding dresses are the top priorities that many brides would consider. To impress your guests and of course and add more personal touch, fringe wedding dresses are gradually taking over. They are not actually vintage, but they really add exotic atmosphere to the whole bridal look, no matter what the wedding theme is. The best […]

Corona Borealis 2018 Wedding Dresses Collection

Corona Borealis is a luxury Italian wedding dresses brand which aims to get higher horizons. For the Corona Borealis 2018 collection, much attention is given to the design of the details which makes the bridal gowns much more exquisite. Just like what mentioned above, this brand is known for its craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics. It […]