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Saiid Kobeisy Amazing Wedding Dresses Collection

Saiid Kobeisy 2018 Wedding Dress Collection

Planning your 2018 wedding? The Saiid Kobeisy can be a great choice for you. The 2018 collection of Saiid Kobeisy wedding dresses which designed by the Lebanese visionary artist designer Kobeisy is full of inspiration and passion. His designs fully reveal the exotic romance and charm through the amazing details. His 2018 bridal collection has […]

Julie Vino Wedding Dresses 2018 – Venice Collection

Julie Vino Wedding Dresses Venice Collection 2018

If you are looking for wedding dresses which are of lace, embroidery and charm, Julie Vino’s latest wedding collection are definitely what you want. The Venice collection of its 2018 spring designs is mainly focus on details inspired by the city of Venice. That’s why you can see all these tattoo-effect beading, jewel-encrusted necklines and […]

Berta Fall 2019 Wedding Dress Collection

Berta Fall 2019 Wedding Dress Collection

Whenever you think of sexy and bold wedding dresses with a fashion forward edge, we always turn to Berta wedding dresses. Berta Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses feature modern and bold details. Being a top-notch in the wedding dresses industry, Berta managed presenting us the couture level of quality. The 2019 fall wedding dresses collection combines […]

32 Beach Wedding Dresses Ideas to Stand Out!

Many couples think it romantic to have a beach wedding. It’s true that beach weddings are intimate but there are things you should know ahead. It’s true that the traditional princess style wedding dresses is really not suitable for a beach wedding. Think about some other wedding dresses that really go with the theme. Generally […]

20 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses We’re Obsessed with

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses We’re Obsessed with

Looking for something that is both elegant and timeless for your wedding dresses? Long sleeve wedding dresses offer you a chance achieve the look. From three-quarter-length to long sleeves, the dress makes a serious statement. The past few seasons have proved that long sleeves wedding gowns are just the trend. From conservative to outgoing, modern […]

18 Flattering Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Flattering Mermaid Wedding Dresses

For brides who want to achieve red carpet effect, mermaid wedding dresses are perfect for you. Mermaid wedding gowns feature exquisite silhouette and long train to show off your gorgeous figure on your big day. In fact, mermaid wedding dresses come in many different styles and texture, and they have various effects on you of […]

Milla Nova 2018 Wedding Dresses Collection

Milla Nova 2018 Wedding Dresses Collection

A good wedding dress makes a perfect wedding guaranteed. The Ukraine wedding dresses brand, Milla Nova has released the 2018 collection which has gained quite attention. The intricate laces, perfect embroidery and the exquisite textures, all help to make you shine on your big day! Milla Nova has several different collections for brides having different […]

23 Romantic and Stylish Black Wedding Dresses

Romantic and Stylish Black Wedding Dresses

For brides who want to ditch black wedding dress, the boldest color that conveys romance and elegance seems to be black. Black wedding dresses are something unique and reflects the personal style of the bride. You can either go with traditional designs or choose something that’s simpler. The cool stylish black wedding dress make the […]

18 Romantic and Eye-catching Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Romantic and Eye-catching Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Finding a perfect wedding dress is never easy, especially for brides who are not thought to be slim. That makes it fundamental to find a great plus size wedding dress. Choosing plus size wedding gowns doesn’t mean you have to sacrificing the designs you adore. The most important part is to find a design that […]